Affiliate Program

The Company Affiliate Program (CA) is a great opportunity for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to engage into profitable cooperation with Ar-forex ltd. No initial investment required. Providing Ar-forex ltd with customers, you will get a chance to open an individual or representative office within the franchising agreement.

The Affiliate Program is developed for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities with established financial contacts or access to potential investors.

Favorable conditions for Ar-forex ltd customers:

Private brokerage standards

Advanced range of financial services

Individual terms for VIP accounts.

Note for potential partners: Ar-forex ltd conducts a preliminary assessment of cooperation perspectives with the person applied for partnership. Please note that some jurisdictions require different regulations and legal acts. Ar-forex ltd may unilaterally accept or reject any application for cooperation without any further obligation to cover application-related expenses.

The most appreciable way of partnership is opening a Ar-forex ltd representative office in your region or country. Our franchising scheme offers you a reliable representative status together with additional opportunities to attract and serve customers within the provided franchisee program which enhances your profit and reliability. We provide our representatives with all the necessary information and advertising support accompanied by professional advice in corporate activities for brand awareness and office promotion. The partnership department monitors our partners to identify the most successful one; this implies certain privileges and exclusive promotional solutions. Please note that we set certain requirements for our regional representatives. Flexibility and individual approach are important criteria in our work, so we will eagerly consider all your proposals.

For further details and cooperation proposals, contact us via the website’s section “Contacts”. If you have your own Internet resources, please list them in your application. This would simplify identification of customers you attract to Ar-forex ltd.

Warning: The use of domain names and names containing the word «Ar-forex ltd», or similar to it, is strictly prohibited. Failure to observe this term may result in a denial for cooperation and also provoke a lawsuit.

As Ar-forex ltd cannot guarantee a positive outcome of the legal assessment for partnership program applicants, we strongly recommend not to attract customers and promise them commission discounts before the official notification of acceptance.

Interested in a reliable partner? Ar-forex ltd is what you need!

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