Risk Notification

1. The Client represents and guarantees that the Client has carefully considered the part of the value of its property (Equity Capital) as the Risk Capital. The Client acknowledges that the Risk Capital is the amount of money, which the Client wishes to place at risk, and the loss of this amount will not significantly affect its (Client) welfare.

2. The risk of losses in trading in FOREX and CFD markets can be significant. Therefore, the Client needs to carefully analyze its financial possibilities for execution of trading operations.

3. When opening a trading account, the Client on its own selects the account currency (from those offered by the Company), in which the sums of all trading and non-trading operations on the account will be nominated and calculated, including variable profits and losses, commissions paid and received, margin requirements. The Client understands and takes into account all risks arising as a result of the change of the account currency rate and bears full responsibility for their consequences.

4. The Client may completely lose the initial funds and any additional funds invested to strengthen or manage the market position.

5. Placing restrictive orders, such as Stop Loss, may not always actually limit your losses within the intended amount, as market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.

6. The high level of fluctuations, which is often observed in the mentioned trade at low margin requirements, can work both in your favour and against you. The use of fluctuations can result in both large losses and large profits. The Client bears full responsibility for the account of all risks, use of financial resources and choice of the corresponding trading strategy.

7. When performing trading operations using the client terminal, the Client assumes the risks of financial losses that may arise in the following cases: a. Hardware and software failures and poor communication quality on the Client’s side b. Improper operation of the Client’s equipment c. Incorrect settings of the client terminal d. Untimely update of the client terminal version. e. Client’s ignorance of the instructions described in the “Client terminal user guide”

8. The Client acknowledges that only one request or order can be placed on the server in the queue of requests/orders. An attempt to send any new request or order will be rejected.

9. The Client acknowledges that the only reliable source of information about the quotes’ flow is the main server serving real Clients. Quotes bases on the client terminal cannot serve as a reliable source of information about the quotes’ flow, as in case of unstable connection between the client terminal and the server some quotes from the quotes flow may not reach the client terminal.

10. The Client acknowledges that the closing of the placement/modification/deletion window of the order, as well as the opening/closing window of the positions does not cancel the order or the request that has been already received for processing by the Company’s trading server.

11. The Client is familiarised and agrees that in the case of Stop Out the elimination of open positions is carried out in an automatic mode and does not depend on the Company actions. Any intervention of the Company is unacceptable.

12. The Client must understand that the Company cannot be held liable for losses caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the government, currency or market rules, suspension of trades on financial markets, military operations or other conditions commonly referred to as force majeure and beyond the Company’s control.

13. Trade through an electronic trading system may not differ from trade in the interbank market only, but also from trade based on other trading systems. If the Client trades through an electronic trading system, it is exposed to the risks associated with the electronic trading system, including software problems.

14. The Client is obliged to keep the passwords and make sure that third parties could not gain access to the trading system. The Client will be bound by the Company’s obligation to trade through the Client’s password, even if it has been used by a third party.

15. In the event of quotes’ errors, the Company reserves the right to make the necessary amendments and settle any controversies at the time the error occurs.

16. This brief notice of risks does not exhaust all risks in the execution of conversion arbitrage operations in the financial markets.

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