Cookie Disclosure

Cookies are small text files created by the websites you visit, which use cookies. Cookies are automatically created in the memory of your PC or by certain emails, which you open. Cookies are used to improve user experience, website operation, provide the companies with marketing information about the website’s visitors and ensure website security.

Text cookies consist of letters and numbers. These files are stored in specially designed places in the memory of a personal computer or mobile device. Cookies stored on your physical media for a long time are persistent, and those saved while the browser is open (stored in RAM) are session cookies.

The AR-FOREX cookie disclosure provides the user with information, on which cookies are used when you visit the AR-FOREX website and how to reject or delete those cookies.  Users should be familiar with the AR-FOREX “Privacy Policy”, which describes in detail our strict cookie policy (Chapter 7).

How AR-FOREX uses Cookies

The AR-FOREX website uses cookies to ensure that all sections of the website function as expected. The AR-FOREX website issues cookies upon landing on our website, unless the user has changed cookie settings in its browser or refused cookies.

Please note that with cookies switched off, many areas of our website and services will not be made available to you. With cookies disabled you will not be able to access the social networks whose bookmarking are supported by the AR-FOREX website.

AR-FOREX does not use cookies to collect personal information about you. Absolutely all cookies that we use only collect anonymous information (without the possibility of further personalization) to optimise our services and do not collect personal information.

*Please note: not all cookies on this website are set by us.

Types of Cookies on AR-FOREX Websites

  • Analytical cookies are collected detailed information about visitors: how the website was discovered, number of visits, from where the visitor came from, whether the marketing company is used, etc. This information is important for the business and helps us improve our website and further enhance visitor experience.
  • Functional cookies – collect information about users’ preferences. Here you can see the chosen way of displaying various components of the website from the moment you registered with AR-FOREX, time zone, and whether to show pop-up messages. The functional cookies store information about the settings.
  • Session cookies are stored within the current “session” on the websites, both for non-authorized users and for those who log in with their login. After closing the browser session closes and cookies are deactivated.
  • Third party cookies are created by third-party websites and are stored on the user’s PC. Third party cookies are saved when you log in into accounts of these services, and AR-FOREX cannot control their dissemination. These cookies are session, analytical and functional, and they also determine if the user is logged into social media already, and control bookmarking or sharing the AR-FOREX website content. Flash cookies are used to verify if the user’s browser supports Flash. You can deactivate flash cookies by visiting the corresponding section on the Websites of other third parties (companies, websites, etc) should be accessed directly to view their cookie privacy information.

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