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The Company Representative Program (FR) is based upon commercial concession. Ar-forex ltd franchise, a profitable alliance of small and large, is the most effective way to enter business elite. You will get our support, access to innovations and techniques for successful development in a competitive environment. Many organizations that promote the development of small businesses consider franchising to be the key factor that allows entrepreneurs still run their business independently and without feeling isolated.

Why do I need this?

That is the question that every businessman inevitably asks. Pure statistics and successful experience of hundreds businessmen prove that franchisees are three times more likely to succeed than their independent individually working counterparts.

What are the profits of buying a Ar-forex ltd franchise apart from the chance to work under our recognizable trademark, using our established contacts and expanding your own services? For your agreement to comply with corporate business standards, you are getting not only the right to work under a well-recognizable trademark within franchising terms but a chance to enter large-scale business with our certified image, support and consulting.  


Your profits are guaranteed due to:

  • work under the successful and reliable trademark

  • access to our tried-and-true way of doing business and trading;

  • ready-to-use methodical training program for traders at different levels;

  • provided promotional materials and media support;

  • provided access for partner’s representatives to corporate training;

  • legal and financial advice on the stock and related fields;

  • advice and customer support;

  • regular interbank liquidity;

  • business experience, access to statistics and other commercial information;

  • keeping your independence.


Franchising is highly profitable in the service sector. Prior to entering the Russian market, our specialists have thoroughly studied the existing legislation and other important aspects to assure profitable cooperation for all parties.

After opening an account with Ar-forex ltd, our potential customers are immediately assigned to our main partner in the region. Monthly payments contribute to effective advertising and desired image via mass media at the national level, thus enhancing business and brand awareness among potential customers in all presence regions. At the same time, each franchisee has every chance of self-promotion within his or her territory under the franchising agreement.


If you strive to:

– increase your profits;

– find new directions of financial brokerage;

– seek to minimize the cost of new business promotion,

then franchising agreement with Ar-forex ltd is the best solution for your sustainable growth.


Interested in a reliable partner? Ar-forex ltd is what you need!

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