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Reuters www.reuters.com Reuters is the world’s leading international news agency and financial information provider. The agency employs more than 14000 people in 91 countries of the world with 2300 journalists, news photographers and camera engineers. Reuters has more than 190 offices around the globe. The main revenue share of the agency comes from delivering the key market information and analytical reports about financial and commodities markets to FX market professionals. This segment accounts for about 90% of agency revenue. In 2007 the total revenue calculated was 12.4 billion US dollar. 

Dow Jones Newswires www.dowjones.com Dow Jones is one of the most reliable providers of accurate financial news and business information through all possible types of media including newspapers, news agencies, databases, web-sites, radio, TV and many other multimedia programs. Dow Jones enriches life of million people around the world and also informs managers and professionals in the segments of:

institutional sales and trading;

online trading; • asset management;

investment banking;

risk management and compliance;

PR and corporate communications;

analytics and economic studies;

private equity and venture capital;


Bloomberg www.bloomberg.com Bloomberg is the global business and financial information and news leader. The company provides a wide range of global economic data in milliseconds: analytics, news, reports, charts, advanced information platforms and customer support that help to convert knowledge into action. Bloomberg is the best solution for professional services consumers who are the most influential members of financial world. The company is focused on cooperation with central and commercial banks, investment institutions, government organizations and agencies as well as with the largest corporations and news agencies that keep asset data in one place and then deliver them in real-time mode on PC or mobile applications.

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