Ar-forex ltd strives to provide personalized service for high net worth individuals and corporate clients providing financial services of higher standards. In fact Ar-forex ltd serves as a personal financier competent not only in brokerage services but also in other related areas dealing with the management and preservation of assets on an international scale. This provides our customers and partners with the access to a wider range of problem-solving banking instruments together with effective unconventional schemes for the management of personal finances.

The services we offer include:

In particular the following requirements are met:

Ar-forex ltd shall keep client funds on segregated accounts in banks authorized for storage of the related assets. These funds serve as a fiduciary deposit and guarantee the protection against bankruptcy. In the unlikely event of insolvency the creditors of Ar-forex ltd will not be able to get access to the funds held on segregated customer accounts. In the unlikely event of insolvency this policy eliminates any financial risks for customers and abuse of funds.

To keep its activity maximum transparent, Ar-forex ltd is subject to regular external audits. This complies with the European financial market authorities and strengthens customer trust in the company. Audits are usually performed by a company with a world-wide reputation known for its reliability and validation.

Interested in a reliable partner? Ar-forex ltd is what you need!

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