Service Providers

Ar-forex ltd offers mutually beneficial cooperation to third-party financial service providers.

With our cooperation you can:

  • Promote your services working under a well-recognizable trademark.

  • Get a fixed commission for the provided serviced.

  • Work within the affiliate program and earn extra fee.

Combining your product with Ar-forex ltd services you can get the following benefits:

  • Access to the target audience.

  • Ar-forex ltd support and business contacts.

High quality and efficiency of services through the available opportunities of Ar-forex ltd.

Criteria for third-party service providers

A third-party company with its intellectual or technical product can apply for service-providing partnership.


The criteria for applicants:

An applicant should not carry out any commercial activity as a market-maker in financial markets.

A third-party service provider should promote opening a trading account with Ar-forex ltd among present and potential clients.

A provider is responsible for carrying out technical solutions via his or her computer facilities.


Customer support for the proposed product is carried out by a third party.

Examples of proposed services:

Financial news providers;

Options for trade automation;

Technical analysis and related products;


Customer support in regions;

Legal and tax support.


Commission fees

A third party service provider can set a fixed commission fee for service customer trading with Ar-forex ltd. The commission is charged apart from the brokerage commission charged according to the customer agreement signed separately. Fixed commission and its amount are stipulated between the third-party service provider and the Ar-forex ltd Company on an individual basis.


How to apply

To apply for a third-party service provider status with Ar-forex ltd, you should send your application via the feedback form given in Contacts. The application should include types and range of the offered products and services, and give the details of your current business model.

For further details a Ar-forex ltd representative will contact you as soon as possible. A draft of the Partnership agreement is also provided. After signing the agreement and settling all the necessary details, you can start embarking on your duties. Ar-forex ltd reserves the right to unilaterally decide on the prospects of cooperation with a particular individual or company.

For further questions and details, contact us via our feedback form.

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